• Internal for Europe

  • An internal for Europe is a domestic employee who works outside of Spain, in another country in Europe. In order to be able to exercise these jobs it is necessary that the candidate be in possession of the Spanish nationality or that of another member of the European Union (with DNI and passport in order).

    All vacant positions to work in a destination located outside of Spain can only be exercised as INTERNAL domestic or INTERNAL MARRIAGE employees. These are the only two types of domestic work that we can offer our European clients outside of Spain.

    In NL Hogar we offer a contract and medical insurance in the country where they work for all the candidates who work as domestic workers outside of Spain.

    One of the points in favor of our inmates for Europe facing the customer are the languages. Our Filipino candidates speak a second language, English, apart from Spanish and are trained to teach this language to children naturally.

  • Our service of selection of domestic personnel to work outside Spain has GUARANTEE conditions different from the usual ones, due to the extra difficulties that the search of candidates that accept to move to another country to work has.

    For your peace of mind, from NL Hogar we take care of the assistance to our clients in the selection, hiring and transfer of domestic employees to work destinations.

    All the advisors who work at NL Hogar are bilingual. Our employees perfectly master Spanish and English and can maintain a fluent conversation in either of these two languages without any problems.

    In NL Hogar we keep our clients informed at all times of the situation, from the moment of hiring until the arrival of the employees to the destination country where they have been requested to work.

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