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    NL Hogar is a domestic service agency that was founded in Madrid in 1992 with the purpose of providing solutions of domestic personnel to customers who demand a service of the highest demand. That is why in NL Hogar we provide the ideal candidates to perform an efficient service, always under the utmost discretion. The reason is that the experience has allowed us to acquire a remarkable capacity to know in depth the needs that customers have that require a service of domestic staff, child care or elderly people. In order to meet those needs, we have candidates.

    The purpose of NL Hogar is the use of the personal contracting of the ideal home tended by the requirement of the full satisfaction of the client with the election and we also seek to help the candidates to aspire to find a stable job with which they are satisfied.

    For your peace of mind, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security in Spain is authorized as a Placement Agency and we are linked.

  • María N. López Murrugarra, founder and director of NL Hogar


    María founded the company in 1992 with 2 different divisions of intermediation. María specializes in meeting clients and adapting their needs to the group of qualified candidates of the agency. María's years of experience in the job placement sector have sharpened her skills both to recognize talent and to understand the subtle qualities that are needed in a candidate to make a perfect combination.

  • The difference NL Hogar


    We make the placement process as efficient as possible for clients and candidates. The goal is to achieve a result that leaves the customer and the candidate satisfied and satisfied in their new role. To achieve this, we invest time in really understanding the needs of a client and the experience and aspirations of a candidate's career. This is complemented by a rigorous verification of the experience of the candidates before the work tests or a full assignment begin.