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  • Cursos para empleadas de hogar
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  • Domestic service course

  • Geriatrics course

  • First aid

  • Cooking class

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    The main objective that we give in NL Hogar to our courses for domestic workers is to train students so that they can exercise in the most professional way possible their domestic work and that with the knowledge learned they can satisfy the most demanding clients. Those attending our courses have a very complete offer of training in protocol, cooking, geriatrics or first aid. With the last two courses our students learn very important knowledge for the care of the elderly, knowledge that our clients increasingly demand.

    With our training we also want to influence the need to promote the professional qualification of the people who work in the home so that they can fulfill in the most professional way the obligations that a multitasking work implies such as the one they perform. And is that domestic work requires multiple knowledge and human attention, often vulnerable people who can not fend for themselves.

    In all our courses for domestic workers, we emphasize to students the importance of domestic service and teach how to dignify the profession. The work of home is an activity that in many occasions is socially despised, but that has great importance because it directly influences the quality of life and the development of many families.

    All our courses are designed for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge to practice as a professional home employee, and they are valid both for the household employee who has just started in this activity and for whom she has a lot of experience but who wishes to recycle for be able to exercise other functions.