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  • The service that we provide in NL HOGAR is suported by the following rules of our activities:

    • Our long experience allows us to quickly understand what needs of each client individually.
    • To satisfy the most striktly demands of our clients we make a very rigorous selection of each of our applicants.
    • We are expert to supply the best with responsible and qualify employees for satisfy that our customers needs.

    These values together with of all the data provided by our clients are protected all most strictest confidentiality and discretion, that is our work philosophy.

  • NL Hogar was founded to provide solutions for domestic personnel. We offer an efficient and discreet service to obtain a deep knowledge of the needs of personnel or care of children or elderly people of the clients and satisfy those needs with candidates rigorously interviewed and selected.

    Our purpose is to facilitate the hiring of your domestic staff that represents a happy client and candidates who want a satisfactory stable job.

    For your peace of mind, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security authorizes us as a Placement Agency and we are linked.

  • Employee Renew or Replace Guarantee

    Our 2 types of Employee Change Guarantee:
    • Warranty LIMITED of replacement of the employee.
    • Dependent of  the contracted period.
    • We take care of the administrative management (contract + Security Social) 
    • The client will be responsible for agreeing the monthly salary and the
    extra payments.
    • Warranty UNLIMITED of replacement of the employee.
    • Flat rate throughout the service period
    • We take care of everything (we pay the salary, the stockings
    you pay, the social security fee and the vacation)
    • All complications and time losses will be avoided.
  • Values

    We fully understand the needs of each client, which helps us ensure an efficient service. We are happy to meet and evaluate the needs of the family, either at home or in our office in the center of Madrid. We have experience in the staff of homes of all sizes, up to large properties. We adapt interviews in our offices or for your comfort in your own home.

    All candidates, from babysitters, elderly caretakers, cleaning assistants, butlers, personal assistants. Internal, external, for hours, with a Filipino driving license or from other nationalities can meet with a client in our secure closed office environment for a day of interviews.

  • Selection of candidates

    We have a rigorous selection process. Each candidate undergoes in-depth interviews to ensure the integrity of their curriculum and understand their personality and aspirations. Our evaluation process includes: exhaustive reference reviews, legal status and capacity studies.

  • Confidentiality

    We see discretion and confidentiality as key attributes of the work ethic. The agency's advisors handle client and candidate information with the utmost care; specifically, this information is never shared outside the agency, except in the context of a location. In addition, we promote only the candidates we perceive who aspire to the same level of discretion.

  • Your trusted agency

    For your peace of mind, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security authorizes us as a Placement and Intermediation Agency and we are linked to them. To know about our clients, see our opinions page.

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