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    NL Hogar is a domestic work agency that has more than twenty years of experience in the sector. Therefore, in any recruitment of employees selected by our company, we manage and process the additions, deletions and modifications of data of the employee and the employer in social security, so that both clients and candidates do not have to worry about any moment for that.

    At NL Hogar we are responsible for drafting work and confidentiality contracts. Likewise, we take care of preparing documents such as payroll, settlements, settlements and withdrawals that are included in any contract that a client makes with us.

    All of our clients have the REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE of a new domestic employee if they have not been satisfied with the service provided by the hired assistant. A replacement guarantee that we included free of charge in the drafting of the work contract, in the confidentiality contract and in the procedures in the social security of the employee's discharge and of the old one.

    Our agency prepares clients for a fixed payment, which can be monthly or annually, the payrolls of each household employee who contracts with us and we also advise on all the procedures that must be performed.

  • More services offered by our agency:


    • Registration in Social Security as a new employer of home.
    • Processes of registrations, cancellations and modification of data in social security.
    • Establish and implement a payment system on behalf of the employer.
    • Registration of a bank account for the payment of social security contributions.
    • Drafting of work contract in special household regime.
    • Procedures for sick leave for common illness or maternity of your domestic employee in social security.
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