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    In our domestic employee agency we provide experienced and qualified personnel in the home, including Nurseries, Elder caregivers, Cleaning attendants, Butlers and Housekeepers, Personal Assistants. Internal, external, internal or external Filipino, by the hour, with driver's license. We work in homes of all sizes to fear your house ready



    We make lasting placements. We have experience in the entire field of domestic staff positions, from housewives, butlers and personal assistants to specialists in care of newborns, nannies and seniors. We begin our search from a position that considers that each need of domestic staff is unique, which requires an individual understanding. The breadth and experience of our group of candidates make us trust that we can serve all households.

  • We are continuously adding candidates to our extensive database of candidates. We promote ourselves on different websites and the word-of-mouth recommendations of already registered candidates are very important recruitment channels.

    All potential candidates are rigorously and carefully interviewed and examined by the NL Hogar staff to ensure that we are able to offer customers the high quality available in the market.


    Professional domestic services of NL Hogar:

  • House maid

    The assistants vary a lot in experience and can carry out all or some of the following tasks: cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, care of clothes, care and maintenance of the wardrobe, organization and care of haute couture clothing. The homemaker has the ability to organize the home in general, a deep understanding of the care of home furniture and clothing and their knowledge and training in formal service. A high quality housekeeper will understand the formal service, which includes service, formal configuration of tables, floral arrangements and all the responsibilities of deep cleaning and laundry.
  • Baby sister

    A Babysitter or Caregiver of babies or children is a professional child care specialist. The caregiver has extensive experience in the care of children and, in some cases, will have a degree related to early childhood education. The Nanny or Caregiver can work with a variety of schedules, as internal living with the family and as external during the day or night, both during the week and on weekends or holidays. Some of them drive and swim. They specialize in specific age groups, such as babies or school-age children. Most speak a second language, especially English, our internal or external Filipinos, and can teach this language to children.
  • Butler

    The steward is traditionally hired to supervise a property or home and will maintain the changing rooms while often supervising other members of the domestic staff. It will have a solid understanding of wines and train other staff members in the table protocol service, including the establishment of formal tables, service and more. In many cases, a butler can speak several languages. He is often the most formal member of the domestic staff categories and will help maintain formal traditions in a formal house or property. A steward will understand how to write and manage a schedule for household staff and often acts as a home administrator.
  • Domestic Marriage

    A domestic couple is hired to take care of a vacation property or an established property in the city. His responsibilities include (but are not limited to): maintenance, cooking, serving and driving. They are given a separate discreet apartment or they are provided with a separate living room for the entire year. Together, a domestic partner can manage a large house successfully and can often prevent the employer from hiring multiple staff. In general, a person of the domestic partner is responsible for cooking, washing clothes, planning the menu and taking good care of the wardrobe. The other member of the couple may be responsible for maintaining the gardens, swimming pool, repairing the car, internal repairs, such as simple plumbing and in the case of the Guardeses the care of the farms. Often, an excellent domestic partner will be part of both members being housewives and strong chefs. Usually, one or both drive and both can run errands. Sometimes, a domestic partner will supervise other staff, especially the substitution staff, for example, during the summer in Marbella.
  • Maid

    NL Hogar offers personal services for hotels as well as our domestic services. NL Hogar maintains relationships with large hotel chains and places all levels of its staff within the hotel, from high-level positions to support positions in the office.
  • Elder care

    A senior caregiver for internal or external has a training and experience of having worked for several years with older people with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, senile dementia, cancer. With knowledge of geriatrics, assistance to the elderly, experience in home help. They are trustworthy, initiative, decisive and friendly. Knowing how to change diapers, wash in showers and bedding, feeding, accompanying walks or medical appointments, day or night hospital support, domestic chores and diet cuisine adapted to the elderly.
  • Bilingual Babysitter

    They are the staff most in demand by our clients for their preference for learning English for children, as they do it naturally.
    We select the best ones that have had experience with children and babies in jobs in Spain and other countries of the world.
    Many employees have a high level of experience and know protocol of table service, assemble the table of etiquette and kitchen.
  • Personal assistant

    A secretary or personal assistant is the professional responsible for taking your family and / or personal administration up to date. Attending appointments and errands needed during working hours, contributing their professional activity in domestic service, either in the purchase of necessary equipment for the family, the 'routine paperwork' or keeping the agenda up to date.
    Thanks to personal assistants you can combine your work and family life.
  • Maintenance

    The maintenance staff will take care of having your house always in good condition. You may need this type of services for a certain time, after a move or reform, or permanently to solve all the arrangements that your house needs with the passage of time. With simple arrangements of electricity, plumbing, gardening and pool maintenance.
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