• LIve-Out household employees

  • An external household employee is a domestic assistant that adapts to the hourly needs of the family that demands their services. External employees are usually candidates who accumulate a lot of previous experience working as an intern and / or with family. The external assistants of Nl Hogar can be hired for full days of 40 hours a week or for partial days that occupy a minimum of 4 hours a week.

    In cases where the external employee is hired to work with a schedule exceeding half a day is usual to have the right to food. If, on the contrary, they are hired for less than half a day, they usually carry their own food in a tuper.

    If the work destinations in Madrid of our employees are located outside the A zone, we always recommend our clients to pay separately the transportation to the attendants.


  • To hire any of our candidates it is mandatory to register them in Social Security and establish a work contract with them. Our employees will be entitled to two extraordinary payments per year, in such a way that the receipt of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary is guaranteed in the annual calculation.

    The one-year vacation period will be thirty calendar days that can be divided into two 15-day periods available to the employer and another 15 days at the employee's disposal. We recommend for the good coexistence that some year it is assigned the 30 days continued since most of them take advantage of it to visit their country of origin.

    Candidates specialize in specific age groups, such as babies, school-age children and also the care of the elderly.

    Our Filipino candidates speak a second language, English, and can teach this language to children naturally.

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